Chanting the Feminine Down book cover

Chanting the Feminine Down is a psychological, religious, and historical novel in which the female protagonist Colette travels across and through 2,000 years of Catholic Church history in her heart, spirit, mind and soul looking for traces of the feminine. She is attentive to theology, but ultimately she is guided by riotous dream voices that are prophetic, disruptive and profoundly feminine.

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What’s Behind the Title?

The novel’s title, Chanting the Feminine Down is rooted in a dream about Pope John Paul II. The dream depicts an elderly, gentle dying Pope slipping into the feminine earth while empty church rituals are displayed in the background. This dream becomes fundamental to the structure and esthetic of the novel, following the protagonist through her psychological journey.

The author has long had an interested in Catholic literary themes. This interest provided an ironic backdrop to a profound period of dreams about Popes, worship, ritual, punishment and moments of grace.

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